Real Estate - A Quick Guide to Selling Your House in Cash

Most homeowners usually find it a daunting task when they want to sell their houses.  The reason behind this is that the traditional method of selling houses which involves listing it is very slow.  Houses that are listed may take even a year to get a serious buyer.  However, the process is very different when it comes to selling your house to a real estate investor.  Investors normally buy houses very fast and for cash.  In addition, they do not ask for the house to be repaired prior to buying but they usually buy it "as is."   If you need to sell your house for cash, below is a guide to selling it to an investor. Check to learn more.    

A house seller is required to contact their chosen real estate investor.  Choosing a credible investor needs to be done with utmost due diligence to avoid getting into the wrong hands.  Therefore, ensure that the investor is credible and reliable.  Find out if they are licensed to conduct the business by looking at their work permit. 

After deciding the real estate investor like you need to work with, the house seller is required to give the proposal to the investor.  After hearing the proposal, the investor will arrange to view the house for assessment.  This is to help them come up with a fair value of the house.  By doing this, the investor will deliberate on the buying price and give you an offer within 24 hours.  As the seller, you have the right to accept or decline the offer.

If the offer is accepted, you will go ahead to the next step of preparing sale documents.  It is crucial that each party has their attorney to go through the sale documents.  Sharing an attorney between the seller and the buyer is not a very good idea since the lawyer may take sides.  Subsequently, when the documents are ready, the investor should pay the whole amount of money to the seller.  It is only when the money is received that the seller should sign the documents.

After the documents are signed, the deal is closed between the two parties.  These documents should be taken to the relevant authorities for change of names.  Afterward, the investor is now free to renovate the house or do anything else they want to do with the house.  Thus, the process is very simple, efficient and straight-forward. Check this video about real estate: